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Contact Management System

The customer relationship management system allows access to all of the department's activities and acts as a central database for information such as key account profiles, contact details, meeting logs and project details. The portal comprises of the following parts:

Contact Details: Users can manage any employee's information and upload photos and relevant documents and can manage their role of contact such as admin, contact role, project role, and management role and can create usernames and assign passwords. Users can create activities and can broadcast information related to his projects through E-mail to the project team members.

Project Details: Users can manage the project name, start date, completion date and the person related to that project, stake holders and project values, company sales potential and major details of the project. Users can move projects to the archive list manually or automatically. The Auto Archive function will archive the projects and project related activities, if the information has not been updated in the past six months. Only the Administrator has the authority to restore the archived projects and their related activities.

Activity Details: Authorized employees can create an activity related to any project and it will automatically add project members related to that project. When any activity is created, a notifying E-mail is sent to all the project members.

Besides that, you can search, edit, update and delete company details, contact details, project details and activity details.

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